Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And I have another crazy idea...

It's been a while now since I had this small idea in my head. Some people may thing that I am crazy...
But what the heck.. all brilliant ideas and thoughts were considered to be crazy at its early stages :)

Imagine that you can go to your favorite search engine, Google for example, and you go find the following options
1- Web (text search) - which already there and the default
2- Images (based on text search) - which is already there an accessed when you click on Images
3- By image (which the idea I have).

The idea is very simple:
You upload an image you have, and then click search.
- The search result?
It will be any URL or page that contains or references the same image.
- Why?
1. Cause I cannot remember how many times I saw a picture of something and do not know what is it and wanted badly to know.
2. Cause I cannot remember how many times I saw a picture of someone/something and I was hundred percent positive that I saw it before somewhere on the web but I cannot remember where.
3. Cause you may have a picture of someone you know and have not seen him for a while. One of the options to find him would be using his picture (names may change or not be used).
4- It is still a good idea.. :)

Well, I know that such a search engine would take a lot of time doing processing (I have seen it in the movies with specific comparison points of the face - US Police and FBI search for criminals).

It is implemented, and it is there.
It is heavy a processing search. I know all of this.
But still, why not having it public like text based search...?

Well, it is a crazy idea.. :)

Distributing a Java Application via CD-ROM - Why?

Today, I was checking Java.net web page. I read the article of Distributing a Java Web Start Application via CD-ROM

Well, that is my initial thinking of its possible usage scenarios:
1- It could be used for installation CDs
2- It could be used for making a demo CD with and embedded server (Tomcat or Glassfish) and the application deployed to it. And having this CD sent to the client
3- It could be used for making an auto-update CD for an already deployed application (sending the application update on a CD to the client which all he has to do is to insert it into the CD-Rom and it would update the already deployed application).

Sunday, July 06, 2008

First time to Maven

Today, I was navigating Apache.org website. I ran into the Cocoon project. Out of curiosity, I opened it. I know the project 5 years ago and I thought that it was closed (obsolete). I don't know why I always had this thought in mind, but any way. I was really amazed that the project is still open and still has activities (latest as the time of this writing is: Cocoon 2.2.0 Released on 5/15/08

Any way, while reading the documentation (Your first Cocoon application using Maven 2); I ran across this link: Maven in 5 Minutes Which lead to this link: Maven installation instructions
It's been a while since I wanted to run maven and get used to it. So, I started downloading Maven 2.0.9 immediately and began the installation instructions.
After that I went back to the Maven in 5 Minutes which made me confused about two things:
1- In the "Creating a project" section, there is the following comment:
"If you have just installed Maven, it may take a while on the first run. This is because Maven is downloading the most recent artifacts (plugin jars and other files) into your local repository. You may also need to execute the command a couple of times before it succeeds. This is because the remote server may time out before your downloads are complete. Don't worry, there are ways to fix that."
2- I created the project any way, and continued to building it. Now although the previous mentioned comment, and although I find it very strange to go through downloading all these JARs in the creation phase, it started to download the JARs again to build the project..!!

I think that it should not have downloaded extra JARs in the first place, and I think that it should not have downloaded them again.
I did not try it; but I am afraid of having to download all the JARs every time I try to build the project.
I think that this is nonsense. If Maven is requiring these JARs, I think it should be available in the downloaded file itself, if not, it would be downloaded once and for all. Or may be, added by the user himself into the lib folder or something.

Any way,...
That was just a try. May be I would explore about this more or explore the documentation section later..

Now, I'll get back to the new Cocoon.. ;)