Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And I have another crazy idea...

It's been a while now since I had this small idea in my head. Some people may thing that I am crazy...
But what the heck.. all brilliant ideas and thoughts were considered to be crazy at its early stages :)

Imagine that you can go to your favorite search engine, Google for example, and you go find the following options
1- Web (text search) - which already there and the default
2- Images (based on text search) - which is already there an accessed when you click on Images
3- By image (which the idea I have).

The idea is very simple:
You upload an image you have, and then click search.
- The search result?
It will be any URL or page that contains or references the same image.
- Why?
1. Cause I cannot remember how many times I saw a picture of something and do not know what is it and wanted badly to know.
2. Cause I cannot remember how many times I saw a picture of someone/something and I was hundred percent positive that I saw it before somewhere on the web but I cannot remember where.
3. Cause you may have a picture of someone you know and have not seen him for a while. One of the options to find him would be using his picture (names may change or not be used).
4- It is still a good idea.. :)

Well, I know that such a search engine would take a lot of time doing processing (I have seen it in the movies with specific comparison points of the face - US Police and FBI search for criminals).

It is implemented, and it is there.
It is heavy a processing search. I know all of this.
But still, why not having it public like text based search...?

Well, it is a crazy idea.. :)


khalid.andari said...

And this idea is also found in facebook.

Mohamed Nabil said...

what a world, Magdy was talking to me about the same idea a couple of month ago ?!!!

Effective XML said...

do u know i ;m thinking in this idea now for nearly 1 year but till now i didnt reach anything , WOW we got telepathy loool viva intercom