Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today, I was surfing the net and reading some articles. I read a comment about something that mentioned the Java based OS; JNode.. WOW...
Finally.. I am very happy for it. Very happy more than any one can ever know.

Last year I was thinking why not having a Java based OS. Imagine you can just simply write Java code and save it locally and then type a command to compile it (i.e., compile MyFile.java) and to run it, just type: MyFile
Any way,.. this is not the case. But it still could be done.
I really like it very much... :)

I was thinking of such an idea by eliminating the entire native part and moving the JDK to be part of the processor or something. That was in my previous (old) blog entry I had.

Well, of course, it had a lot of troubles for having the native related stuff moved to the processor as mentioned in the comment. But any way.. it was just an idea.

Still, I am very happy for the JNode project. I wish it would make it to the public and be a well known OS. Best of luck.. :)



MeeMzZ said...

wooow...that amazing!!

Dalia w Ahmed said...

just wanted to say hay :)